Founded in 1987, Pro-Plan Ltd. provides services in the area of architecture and engineering. Ever since its foundation until today, Pro-Plan Ltd. with the theoretical and applied knowledge accumulated in the area of “Sound and Vibration” together with the high service quality provided, has been the leading “solution partner” in the minds of her customers.

Pro-Plan Ltd. employs engineers and architects with high level of knowledge and experience at international level. Satisfaction of our customers is our priority. We also collaborate with our sister company at Istanbul Technical University Technopark and get support directly from the academic circles if needed. We support our architectural and engineering activities in “Sound and Vibration” with latest state-of-art measurement sytems and software.

The services in the area of “Sound and Vibration” are provided through close cooperation with the leading companies abroad by Pro-Plan Ltd. and can be grouped in three major areas.

1. Sound and Vibration Measurement Systems Group

Hardware and software solutions, for all the “Sound and Vibration” measurement requirements encountered in industry, are provided and turn-key solutions are provided to our customers since thirty years. All kinds of complex customer problems requiring special solutions can be treated with substantial experience and knowledge accumulated in our company. In this area Pro-Plan Ltd. cooperates and represents the following leading companies in Turkey;

  • • Brüel & Kjær Sound and Vibration A/S, Denmark
  • • Softnoise Gmbh, Germany

2. Machinery Condition Monitoring and Fault Detection System Group

Pro-Plan Ltd. provides vibration measurement systems for rotating machinery to monitor the performance of machines in industry and predict the developing faults in advance using advanced hardware and software. In thermal and hydro power plants or other factories operating continuously it is essential to have continuous monitoring of the critical machinery to ensure productivity and safe operation without unexpected failures. We provide turn-key solutions and today in Turkey many power plants generating electricity are equipped with Brüel & Kjær Vibro Vibration Monitoring and Fault Detection systems installed by Pro-Plan Ltd. and operating successfully for many years. Another area we work on is the shaft alignment systems which is also closely related to machinery condition monitoring.

In this area Pro-Plan Ltd. cooperates and represents the following leading companies from Europe in Turkey;

  • • Brüel & Kjær Vibro, Denmark
  • • Hamar Laser, A.B.D.

3. Architectural and Industrial Acoustics Group

In construction industry, it is possible to create quiet and acoustically optimized spaces in high quality buildings. Our architectural acoustics team is capable of providing acoustical consultancy, supported with Brüel and Kjær hardware and software, with all the knowledge and experience. Acoustic models of the concert and conference halls at the design or later stage can be made and all kinds of simulations can be performed, hence optimum design proposals can be prepared.

In this area Pro-Plan Ltd. cooperates and represents the following leading companies from Europe in Turkey;

  • • ODEON, Denmark
  • • Vicoustic, Portugal
  • • Logison, Belgium

In the field of industrial acoustics, Pro-Plan Ltd. constructs and delivers; full and semi-anechoic rooms, reverberation rooms, special acoustical measurement cabins and provide all the measurement equipment hence provide turn-key solutions for the clients. Additionally, in the field of industrial noise control we have thirty years of experience and can develop special solutions and applications for specific noise problems.

In this area Pro-Plan Ltd. cooperates and represents the following leading companies from Europe and USA in Turkey;

  • • Kinetics Noise Control, U.S.A.

Our Solution Targeted Approach

Based on our thirty years of experience plus our close cooperation with our represented companies at abroad we can generate feasible solutions to any problem related to "Sound and Vibration”. Pro-Plan Ltd. have so far applied many unique applications for the first time in Turkey.

By organizing the training seminars and respecting the views of the academic world, we cover the wide field of “Sound and Vibration” from predictive maintenance to improving the quality of life of individuals and contribute to the welfare of our society.

Our purpose is to retain our strong image as a “solution partner” by our customers which is the primary reason why our clients prefer us in all the areas of “Sound and Vibration”.

By standing next to our customers we adopt a strategy which focuses on efficiency, quality and long term positive results and hope to continue serving with this principle in the future.